About Us


India's rich cultural heritage and centuries of evolutionary tradition, is kept alive by 7 million artisans toiling everyday to produce the huge variety of handicrafts made all over India. The global handicrafts market size reached US$ 718 billion in 2020. Handicraft exports from India was US$ 3.39 billion in 2020, a minuscule share of the global market, considering the number of people employed in the handicrafts sector.

FairKraft Creations intends to change this scenario by:

  • Bringing in a design thinking approach
  • Introducing contemporary products while using traditional techniques
  • World class quality
  • International toy safety certifications
  • Operate on fair trade principles; ensure artisans are treated with dignity, paid fair remuneration and work in a safe environment
  • Focus on sustainability and use of natural materials

This is guaranteed in every product available in this online store.

Toy story

The making of a Toy

Hale Wood is collected where it grows

“Hale wood, is soft, close grained & good for carving ”

Shaping the wood on lathe

Preparing Colors

Lac is a natural resin

Making Lac Sticks

Lac is mixed with dye on hot charcoal flame and then rolled into sticks

Applying Lac

A lac stick is pressed against the wood while turning on the lathe.


The beautiful shiny finish is obtained by polishing with a dry screwpine leaf.


It is then assembled, packed and ready to ship

Child Safety

Rigorous Testing

Small parts cylinder test to avoid choking hazard.

Tensile tests on all the glued and assembled parts.

Checked for smooth edges and surface.

Non Toxic Materials

100% Natural Dyes are used in colours.

Toys are tested for Flammability, Migration of Certain Elements and Phthalates.


Skill Development

Build you child’s skills with various toys

Rattles - Bell Rattle, Kit-Kat Rattle, Egg rattle

Skills: Sensory, Cause & Effect, Tracking (with sight & sound)

Stacking Toys – Aba, Cubby

Skills: Sensory, Fine Motor, Curiosity, Problem Solving, Cause & Effect, Spacial Intelligence

Push-Pull - Tuttu turtle, Moee, Vroom, Bovow, Bobbler, Chip Chop, Duby Duck, Elifa, Duby & Duba, Spino

Skills: Gross Motor

Trains - Pom Pom Rail, Engine

Skills: Gross Motor, Imagination

Blocks - Cubby, Peppy Five, Baby Building Blocks

Skills: Fine Motor, Problem Solving, Imagination, Cause & Effect, Spacial Intelligence

Tops -Merry Tops

Skills: Fine Motor, Curiosity

Wooden Beads - Beadler

Skills: Fine Motor, Problem Solving

History of the Craft

Lacquered toys find mentioned in Vachanas of Basavanna during 11th-12th century CE in Karnataka.

Highly skilled artisans make these products. About 2000 artisan families depend on their livelihoods from this craft.

Channapatna handicraft is protected by a Geographical Indicator awarded by WTO.

Artisan Collective

These toys are made by ArtisanPride Producer Company, an artisan owned and managed Company

ArtisanPride is as member of World Fair Trade Organization


The trees grow naturally in non-farm/non-forest lands. Hence no harmful chemicals were used. Once cut the branches grow back.

No harmful effects on artisans working.

All sections of wood and left over saw dust used. No waste.


This work is fully backed by MAYA an NGO of repute, as a part of its sustainable livelihoods mission.

MAYA’s Pioneering Contribution in supporting artisans:-


  • Trained Women in craft
  • Revived Natural Dyes
  • Skill up gradation
  • Artisan Healthcare
  • Artisan Social Security
  • Pandemic Support.

World Class

Our toys are exported all over the world.

International Quality Compliant with European and US Safety Standards.